Astronomical Imaging Links:

Before reviewing the web-sites listed below, be sure and check out the great information resources provided by ASTRONOMY Magazine and SKY & TELESCOPE Magazine.  These are a must for beginners as well as experienced astroimagers.  Many of the images taken by the people on the web-sites listed below have appeared for years on the pages of these periodicals:



These are my favorite sites on the world wide web for keeping up with the most recent work  by some of the very best astroimagers (both CCD & Film) on the planet:

Matt BenDaniel

Adam Block

Antonio Cidadao

Chris Cook

Russell Croman

Russ Dickman

Brad Ehrhorn

Bob and Janice Fera

Bill and Sally Fletcher

James R. Foster

Robert Gendler

Martin Germano

John Gleason

Donald Goldman

Ray Gralak

Piermario Gualdoni

Allan Guthmiller

Tony and Daphne Hallas

David Hanon

Preston Scott Justis

Al Kelly

Yuuji Kitahara

Jerry Lodriguss

Brian Lula

Dale Mais

Steve Mandel

William McLaughlin

Jack Newton

Kunihiko Okano

Philip Perkins

Robert Provin

Tim Puckett

Benoit Schillings

Chris Schur

John C. Smith

Michael Stecker

Loke Tan

Gregory Terrance

Scott Tucker

Chuck Vaughn

Chris Vedeler

VCAS Gallery

Brad Wallis

Jason Ware

Ron Wodaski

Ted Wolfe

Alfredo Zanazzo