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Emission Nebula Sh2-302 & Reflection Nebula vdB97 by George Greaney;   Located in Puppis near the Canis Major border (07 31.6 -16 58), Sh2-302 is an interesting little nebula (20' X 20') which is overlooked by photographers because of it's low photographic brightness(4-5). The east section is split by a narrow dark lane about 12' in length, aligned N-S. Adjacent to the emission nebula is a small, round patch of reflection nebulosity, vdB97, associated with a mag 9.9 star at it's E edge.   Digital composite of two one-hour exposures at f/7 on hypered 35mm Fuji SHG 400.  The two original negatives were scanned at 2700 dpi using a Polaroid Sprintscan Plus.   They were digitally composited in Picture Window 2.0  using the subtractive filter operation.  Image enhancement of the final composite was done in Photoshop 5.0.


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